Vimeo + Honda Insight: The Medium is the Message

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The recent Honda Insight page takeover at Vimeo is a great example of how valuable content can be targeted to a niche audience to build buzz and meaningful relationships. This highly creative ad execution merges a traditional TV ad with unique platform integration that creates a whole greater than the sum of its parts (a tip of the hat to Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam).

Honda Insight Vimeo page takeover by Wieden + Kennedy AmsterdamFor an ad that’s not even scheduled to run on US television, it has managed to generate a ton of US and international interest through being repurposed.

The Medium Is the Message

Vimeo, a branded destination for high-quality, artistic video, is a perfect choice for such a clever campaign. In the words of Dae Mellencamp, General Manager of Vimeo, “We look to integrate advertiser content that will appeal to and engage our community, and that is exactly what the Honda Insight page takeover did.”

The Audience Is Where It’s At

With an audience of around 4 million unique monthly users, Vimeo is a playground for artists and filmmakers. The Honda Insight page engages viewers with an interesting creative concept: cars headlights are used to create an LED animation effect.

But the page takeover pushes this to a new level, becoming an inspirational model of what can happen when content and context are merged. It elevates both the Vimeo platform, beloved by users, and the Honda Insight brand. Their mutual willingness to take creative risks produced a visually stunning piece that far exceeds most Vimeo users’ expectations.

Users accept the takeover as art and subconsciously the brand and agency as kindred to them, building a relationship with multimedia artists (and you can include making hybrid cars as an art, too).

The Buzz Is the Biz

This relationship building is also quantifiable. With more than 240,000 views and over 2,000 “likes” on Vimeo, a real dialogue has begun. According to, the video has been searched more than 618,000 times, all directing to the Vimeo page takeover. Technorati records more than 350 blog reactions to the page.

Clearly the buzz is not restricted just to Vimeo.  And most importantly from Tippingpoint Labs’ perspective, this dialogue and relationship is seeded and nurtured outside of the walls of  Very powerful.


This page takeover is valuable content to which the Vimeo audience gives its stamp of approval (not universally, but overwhelmingly). The effort may not convert immediately into auto sales, but it will most definitely deliver awareness, engagement, and digital street cred to the Insight brand, and to Honda indirectly.

It’s safe to assume that artists and filmmaker types are generally more on the progressive side of the fence – where most of the hybrid cars are parked.  They are also the type of people who like to tell stories and promote what they believe in.

In targeting the Vimeo audience, Honda brightly shows an abundance of Insight.  Sorry, had to say it.


The Honda Insight Vimeo takeover is a great example of repurposing and re-contextualizing content to engage a particular audience.

Questions to You

Do you think this is effective content?  Have you seen other examples of media converging as successfully as this?

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