Qik.com: Experiment, Wait & See, or Start with Live Video Streaming

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Over the past couple of weeks the strategy team at Tippingpoint Labs has compiled the first official New Media Life Cycleâ„¢ report. We will release a new report every Monday. Today’s release: Qik.com. Each report is distributed on Scribd and is available for download.

Qik.com Is Struggling in the Adoption Phase

While live video streaming on channels like UStream.tv, Justin.tv, and LiveStream.com are plowing ahead, live mobile video streaming channels like Qik.com are struggling in the adoption phase. Qik.com is technically sound offering the ability to stream live video from almost one hundred different mobile devices, however, the quality of the content is holding back the channel’s evolution.

Thousands of people are streaming live mobile video every day to Qik.com. However, the production quality and the content quality is so poor that much of the video found on the channel is of little value. The video above is one of the better examples (production-wise) of Qik.com’s quality content.

If you’re interested in experimenting with live mobile video streaming, we recommend that you begin streaming live video on a channel like Ustream.tv, where they have recently added the ability to stream live mobile video on the same channel as your live desktop video.

For an in-depth look into Qik.com’s demographics and for some concrete recommendations on creating higher quality live mobile video streaming content, read our report:
QIK.com New Media Life Cycle Analysis

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  1. Jimboot

    Nice post – I would add that live video has been around since 1998. There a ways to use it and ways not to use it IMHO. There needs to be a reason to go live as opposed to on demand. My post http://stewartmedia.biz/myblog/Live-Video/


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