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Paid search will draw traffic to your website. Shady SEO practices will draw traffic to your site. But it won’t last forever.

Search Engines are incredibly powerful and really, really important to your business. How you “appeal” to them can determine your future success online.

Are you approaching search from a content perspective? Are you building a following of engaged readers?

Our free eBook “TMDA*: Stop Buying Your Traffic and Start Earning It” dispels some of the myths about search engine marketing and optimization and provides a pragmatic approach to drawing the right people to your content for long-term success.

*Too Many Damn Acronyms

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6 Responses to “TMDA*: An SEO/SEM eBook”

  1. Amelia Vargo

    Yes, there is much more to SEO than what people generally think. It is about maintaining listings in high positions, and although it takes more time than PPC it lasts longer and is a much better investment.

  2. Andrew Davis

    You’re one of our most consistent commenters. What did you think of the e-book? This is our first foray into the e-book world, and I’m really interested in your opinion.

  3. Christian

    Great description of the countering philosophies between using seo vs. engines of engagement. Eventually, SEO will not lead to any competitive advantage, but engagement will be very tough to replicate.

    • Brad Schwarzenbach


      I really like the term ‘engines of engagement,’ especially because that’s the real currency to be earned from web content: engagement.

      Crafting content with that goal in mind will trump SEO practices that focus more on simple traffic gathering.

      Thanks for the comment!


  4. Bernie Borges

    I generally like this e-book but I will respectively challenge a couple of points made about SEO. While you know that I share your strong sentiment for a great content strategy to produce relevant search results, you can’t ignore other important factors as well.

    Consider all these negative factors which can’t be overcome with great content alone; a poorly constructed website with bloated code, limited text content, all flash, poorly written title tags, or worse yet, no title tags, non human readable URLs, no header tags, or no internal links from page to page which communicate relevancy to search engines from editorial text, no html sitemap, no xml sitemap. I’ll stop here in the interest of brevity.

    It’s true that great content will produce inbound links which is important for SEO results. And, it will produce engaging opportunities as you point out. But, a marketer can not ignore the fundamentals of SEO either.

    My point is that great content alone won’t make up for an unfriendly (to search engines) website. I agree a marketer should be found in other places. I call this a “broad footprint.” We’re aligned on that 100%.

    But, all marters want their website to rank well for certain keywords. Consider this analogy. A marathon runner can have the best running shoes, be in good shape, but his diet and lifestyle must be in balance. A marathon runner who stays out all night drinking and eats poorly won’t perform well even with the best running shoes…

    Let me know if my point is clear…Thanks for the platform to engage in this conversation.


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