Podcast: Telling Stories That Sell

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This week on The Tipping Point podcast we explore storytelling and how it impacts sales.


  • Andrew Davis talks to Stuffed Robots — with analysis from David Meerman Scott
  • Jim Cosco interviews Don Connelly about stories and salesmanship
  • Some hilarious Amazon reviews. A new kind of storytelling
  • Jim Cosco explores Airborne and the power of perceived authority and stories

Stuffed Robots

If you’d like more information on Stuffed Robots I recommend you check out their site. A toy review website has a great pitcure gallery of what the packaging looks like, if you’re interested.

If you want to get the latest information about RoxyBot take a look at Bill’s CreatingRoxyBot Blog.

Bill, Jessie and Patrick are a really interesting team.

The Stuffed Robot project was helped along by a great entrepreneurship program at Wake Forest.

Music featured

Licensed under the Creative Commons License and available at CCMixter.org:

  • David Nilson — There’s Something Wrong (in Robot City)
  • Disapia — Get Outta Here (When Robots Attack)
  • Beat Gorilla — Elephant
  • Beat Gorilla — Man of Mystery
  • Dokashiteru — Once
  • Hepepe –Y.A.D.E
  • Jackson Torreal — The First Sunny Sky
  • Shockshadow — Samurai Story
  • Short Hopper — Nice Bird
  • Speck — The Nasobem and I
  • Tenny — Tonight We’re Talking

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