Nokia Conversations Keeps Discussions Going

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In an industry that moves very fast, it is challenging for a huge company to stay nimble and fresh with content release. But Nokia Conversations manages to accomplish just that.

As Brett Virmalo mentioned in his article Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, this site is a very effective look behind the scenes. Today, I want to highlight a few examples of why it is so successful.

Size can hinder and help

For a company the size of a country, there are unique obstacles. Giving behind-the-scenes looks must be carefully balanced with corporate security. How do you balance disclosure with non-disclosure?

Luckily for Nokia, its sheer volume lends itself to an abundance of information to be shared and a vast amount of scenes to give insight into. With Nokia Conversations they give a very satisfying glimpse into their design,  manufacturing, and services buckets. They have a lot to show, and they show it.

As far as secrets, they manage to show just enough to pique interest while keeping much close to the vest. It’s a gentle balance that Nokia treads well.

Honing in on the content

Nokia Conversations is very focused. It would be easy for a company with 1.1 billion users to try to cast a wide net. Instead, this site focuses on development, design, and new products.

If you look at their numbers on, you see a very gradual upward curve, with some spikes and dips. The site is obviously focused on niche interaction. It can successfully reach the diehards, the developers, and the gadget people.

They don’t stray from this focus. Instead, they release timely content on a very regular schedule, giving a glimpse here and there into their world.

Multimedia multiplies success

The content is also multimedia — offering many levels of interaction. Behind the scenes is not just about getting into the heads of designers. Nokia Conversations shows you behind the scenes of interesting and innovative initiatives. These initiatives show real people acting real, unlike the Honda Insight making-of video we covered last week.

For example, the Nokia N900 is not quite out yet. But they’ve created a huge public art installation controlled by a special app on the N900. Then they make the most of it by distributing behind-the-scenes footage about how it works.

Check out this behind-the-scenes video about the workings of the installation from Vimeo, a perfect niche site for this design/cinematic display:

That is almost cooler than being at the installation itself, because you see the power that a device can wield.

Outbound links keep the discussion going

Finally, Nokia Conversations serves as a launchpad for other kinds of interaction. Once you get the behind-the-scenes content, you are easily led to other types of interaction.

In the above video, I was led to Vimeo. There are outbound links to Twitter, other Nokia-centric blogs, YouTube, several different niche Twitter feeds, Delicious, SlideShare, other Nokia corporate sites, and more.

So, the behind-the-scenes nature of the site serves not just as a destination, but as a conversation starter. Nokia Conversations don’t happen just there, but everywhere.


Nokia Conversations is high-quality, relevant behind-the-scenes content that works extremely well. It’s not just about being a destination for conversations, but about starting them and keeping them going.


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