Manage Twitter List Madness with FormUList

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Twitter List Management Tool

Managing my Twitter friends is like herding cats

For months and months I’ve worked diligently on organizing my Twitter followers into categories like digital influencers, prosumers, friends, contacts, and business leads, and it’s a painful experience.

My lists help me focus on communicating with specific followers in an organized way, but I’ve been desperate to find a tool that will help me organize my lists in a more ‘automated’ fashion.

FormULists: rules-based Twitter list management

A few weeks ago, I happened on and I’ve been much happier ever since. Basically, FormULists allows me to log in with my Twitter account and use a series of rules to create lists of Twitter users. There is a set of predetermined list rules like ‘create a self-updating list of people who talk to the people I talk to on Twitter.’

There are also great options to create your own rules. For example, I created a list called Boston Area Tweeters by simply building a custom list filtered by location of Twitter users that have tweeted in the last 30 days.

Using lists to Tweet more effectively

Now that we’ve stumbled on a more efficient way to build lists in Twitter, it’s time to start using Twitter more efficiently. Instead of simply trying to watch my entire tweet stream slip by and chime in when I catch something relevant or engaging, I now focus on using my lists to engage in a much more goal-oriented way.

For example, I’ll spend the first couple of minutes looking at what the folks in my ‘influencer’ list are talking about, and if I have something to offer I know I’m engaging with a set of powerful community members who mean the most to me.

A structured approach to participation

As a marketer, organized and rules-based Twitter lists help me structure the kinds of communication I want to have with specific groups of people, ensuring that I add the appropriate value in each sphere. So, let FormUList do the heavy lifting when it comes to actively organizing your Twitter lists, and you can focus on adding value to your followers in a more structured manner.

Beta Invites Available

By the way, FormUList is in Beta mode with about 230 invites left. I have four invites to offer anyone who’s interested. Just add a comment on the post below (make sure you include your Twitter handle), and I’ll send out the invite to the next four people interested.


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8 Responses to “Manage Twitter List Madness with FormUList”

  1. Margie Dana

    Would love to be a part of FormUList — I suffer the same cat-herding stress managing my Tweets as well, Drew! Thanks for this post. Very helpful.

    • Andrew Davis

      So glad you are interested! I just sent you an invite (via twitter). Let me know what you think! (For the rest of you – I only have three invites left.)
      Thanks again Margie!

  2. Shelley Wightman

    This is great, I have set up some lists already & would like to build on these for a client.Twitter handle @EdinburghHalf.

    • Andrew Davis

      Thanks so much for reading the post. So nice to see you comment.
      I sent your invite out this morning!

  3. Jen Grant

    I know I’m number 5, but sending request for beta invite purely as an alternate ;)
    Thanks and great article!!

    • Andrew Davis

      I still have one left! It’s all yours. Thanks for commenting.
      - Drew

  4. Russell Palmer

    Hi Andrew, you described my list management nightmare exactly. I’m a little late to the party, but if you have come across any more beta invitations for FormULists, I’d love to give it a go. @russell_palmer

    • Andrew Davis

      You’re in luck. They gave me a few more to hand out after the article. :)
      I’ll tweet it to you!


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