Juxio.com: A New Way To Tell Linear Stories

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Juxio Linear Storytelling
Juxio Linear Story Telling

The constant search for a linear narrative

The Internet is a non-linear world. Websites are designed to have multiple navigation paths with hundreds (sometimes thousands) of routes through your content. But in this inherently non-linear world, I’ve seen more and more attention being paid to tools, platforms, and channels that help you tell linear stories in an organized way. Platforms like Zmags (one of our clients) or even PadPressed are designed to help you deliver a more linear storytelling experience online.

Juxio’s linear collage

Juxio in Edit Mode
Juxio in Edit Mode

Juxio, “a new visual way to communicate,” is one of the new tools  that provides a nicely formatted context in which to tell a linear story. The concept is simple: use their ‘filmstrip’ format to visually organize images and text into a linear story. There’s some really nice functionality, like allowing you to connect with your Flickr account, that makes that makes getting started (or experimenting) really easy.

Rapid, easy deployment

Juxio Save as PDF
Juxio Save as PDF

I’ve spent about an hour building in Juxio so far, and the tool’s extremely easy to use. With our Flickr account connected, I began creating a brochure for the studio designed to expand on the features and functions we offer.

Simply dragging and dropping elements onto the Jux (as they call it) made my life easy, and the format for the content is clean and simple. In the Juxio gallery, I saw users creating everything from walking tours to restaurant menus in a new and inventive way.

The one issue we have with Juxio is that the viewer experience is less than desirable at this point. (I’m sure they’re working on it.) Navigating through Juxes isn’t easy or seamless. Exporting PDF versions was my favorite way to actually consume the content I created.

Watch and experiment

Juxio iPhone App
Did we mention that Juxio has an iPhone App?

Given the wonderful experience that Juxio delivers on the creation side of their application, it’s worth spending some time experimenting with their comic-strip-style linear storytelling tool. That being said, I  hope the viewer experience is enhanced over the coming months.

I’d like to see a forward and back navigation structure that allows you to ‘page-through’ each frame from ‘stream’ to ‘stream.’ This kind of platform would work well on the iPad and other HTML5-driven platforms. But, it’s developed in Flash, and I’m a little nervous about cross-platform compatibility.

Overall, I think it’s worth giving a shot. It’s one more way to tell a linear story in a non-linear world.

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