Driving the Brand Wagon — 3 Helpful Links

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One: 125 brandbuilding tips from Copyblogger

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Volkswagen Logo Cupcake

Branding is never “finished”. Even when you have an established brand you have to constantly grow and nurture it.

Logan Zanelli does a thorough job of listing ideas to think through regardless of where you are in the branding process.

A sampling:

22. What are your goals? It’s important to plan for the future when creating your brand so it will stand the test of time. What are your plans for the future, and how does your brand fit into that picture?

23. What is your message? When your audience sees your brand, what is the primary message you want the brand to convey? Is there a specific emotion you want them to feel when they see it?

24. What are you really selling? Someone once said “people don’t buy drill bits, they buy holes.” What is your audience really buying from you, and how can you reinforce that with your brand?

The list makes a good starting point for brand “soul-searching.”

Two: There’s more Community Management than you might think

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Angela Connor

I just discovered Angela Connor’s Online Community Strategist blog, and it’s great. This particular post is written as a caveat to job seekers.  But, it is also scrumptious food for thought for company higher-ups who want to really think through their approach to online communities.

I am specifically thinking it can be helpful if you are in the process of empowering current employees, hiring a community manager, or trying to define how online communities fit into your brand.

There’s a good chance that no one within the organization has ever held this job – even the hiring manager – so they have no idea of what you will encounter.

It’s important to think through entirety of what it will take to have your company be engaged online.

Three: Harvard Tips for Leadership in times of Crisis

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Snow From Cory Booker's Facebook
Snow From Cory Booker's Facebook

How you play your cards in the face of difficult circumstances is very important. Critical times can make or break your brand.

John Baldoni at Harvard Business Review uses the recent NYC snow removal fiasco to demonstrate how important leadership is. Who would think that Newark would out-do NYC in anything?

… Newark Mayor Cory Booker has received acclaim for his response to the nor’easter snowfall, despite taking flak on a host of other matters. Not content with supervising removal, he plunged in with a shovel, helping to extricate cars, clear walkways, and in one instance deliver diapers to a housebound mother. He also tweeted his first-hand observations of the snow to his more than one million Twitter followers.

A very good read with some useful advice.


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