3 Types of Love Your Marketing Team Should Show Your Logistics Team

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Most companies are so used to segmenting their departments that they miss a lot of opportunities to reach consumers. Your strengths as a company don’t begin or end with your marketing department. Leading with your strengths often means tapping into hidden or overlooked resources.

Your logistics team has a ton of data and intuitive knowledge about your consumers. They are also  responsible for key communications when your consumers are at their most enthusiastic — when they arrive at their door. Since the essence of today’s (and yesterday’s) marketing is all about knowing your audience, your logistics teams is a unique and powerful resource.

1. The Gateway to your consumers

When a consumer orders your product online or registers a product, they are happy to provide you with a wealth of information about themselves. The same data you may be working hard to capture in other ways, might be already available. Talk to your logistics team about this. Find a way to use this valuable data.

And even though your logistics team, might only be a part of fulfilling orders after a purchase is made, much of the data they possess can be used to help streamline the path to purchase online. Since your logistics team knows your consumers so well, their knowledge can help you make buying easier for your consumers.

2. Harnessing consumer momentum

Your logistics team has access to your consumer at that anticipatory peak of excitement as they see it on their stoop. And let me tell you, it doesn’t matter what it is, people get excited to get something delivered.

The phenomenon of ‘unboxing videos’ demonstrates how universal this excitement is. It doesn’t matter how mundane the product is. Don’t watch this whole video, but check out this guy’s engagement with these crappy game cubes:

The stuff doesn’t even come in a box, and he’s making an unboxing video! This is a huge opportunity. The best review is going to come right in this moment.

What can your marketing and logistics teams put together to encourage and build off of this momentum? Can you encourage sharing or reviews? Can you offer discounts on accessories or referral discounts?

Can you partner with other brands who can supply something related to your consumers’ needs and interests? For example: if you’re selling exercise equipment, can you provide coupons from partner brands for juicers or sneakers in your packaging?

3. Messaging at key points

Involving your logistics team in your process is not just a one way street. You should also be thinking about how you can help them message to your consumers during the process of fulfillment and delivery.

Consumer enthusiasm is not without its risks. An excited consumer is also a sensitive consumer. How can you help keep the consumer happy?

Talk with your logistics team about common concerns, problems, and bumps in the road. Create a singular experience and voice across the whole interaction with your brand. Craft messaging that comforts and nurtures their excitement.

Photojojo does a good job with this. This is an excerpt from an email a coworker received when an order was delayed:

Hey there Friend-o!

As you may have noticed, those awesome Magnetic Cell Phone Lenses you ordered didn’t ship out yesterday like we said they would (ruh-ro!) and they didn’t ship out today either (yikes!)

These lenses were crazy popular – like Prom Queen popular. We ran out of ‘em so so fast and it has taken a bit longer than we had planed to get more. What were we thinking?! We should have known! [hangs head] [weeps bitterly]…

This was followed by a discount code and some more friendly silliness. This may not be the right voice for your brand, but that’s not the point. This is an extremely important moment in the consumer journey.

What are you doing to make sure your brand uses it to build rather than lose your consumers’ dollars and attention?


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