Rick Springfield’s movie isn’t about Rick Springfield. That’s genius.

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Rick Springfield's new Movie -- An Affair of the Heart
Rick Springfield

I’ve been following the Twitter hashtag this week for Content Marketing World (#CMWorld). At this year’s conference Rick Springfield is headlining the show. Yes, that Rick Springfield. The guy who hit number one with “Jessie’s Girl” in the 1980s and wooed women on the daytime soap opera General Hospital. I couldn’t figure out why a smart guy like Joe Pulizzi, who organizes the show, would invite a 1980s rocker and heartthrob to a marketing conference in Columbus, Ohio. Until today. Rick Springfield has a movie coming out.

It’s not a concert film

There are plenty of concert films for bands, ranging from Metallica to the Beastie Boys to Bob Dylan. And those films are awesome. Every minute of every single one of those films is about the band. It’s about the band’s perspective on their fans. The band’s struggles on the road. The band’s antics on stage. The band’s music. It’s even about the roadies, the press, the managers, and the venues. But they’re not about the fans.¬†Rick Springfield’s movie isn’t a concert film.

It’s about the fans

An Affair of the Heart, which is actually screening in two weeks in Florida, is Rick Springfield’s movie about his fans. It’s about young fans and old. It’s about obsessed female fans and their jealous husbands. It’s about skeptical fans and groupies. “It’s a celebration of community,” as the trailer for the film says.

Even Rick says, “When I first started out in the ’80s it was all about me, I thought. But eventually, I turned around and it became about the joy of connecting with people.”

Rick is still selling out venues around the world. He’s selling merchandise. He sells “virtual crew memberships.” He sells branded¬†cruises.

Rick’s selling more because he thinks about himself less.

Ask yourself…

Content marketing is all about getting over yourself and connecting with people. Just like Rick Springfield’s journey and his film.

What if you made a movie about your fans?

What if you thought less about your products and services and more about the kinds of fans you have?

What would you learn if you told your fans’ stories?

I bet you’d sell more.

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28 Responses to “Rick Springfield’s movie isn’t about Rick Springfield. That’s genius.”

  1. Kate Dennis

    Finally…someone gets it and gives this project the legitimate press it deserves. It’s not about infatuation or obsession, “religiously devoted fans” or a rock star with a cult following. It’s not about who thinks they’re the biggest Springfield fan…and although you see glimpses of that-because that’s the reality of anyone’s fan base-what it’s really about is making connection and where the music authentically fits into real life. It shows the result of that connection and how it affects fans who are everyday people-for better or worse. Rick doesn’t star in this film nor do any of the featured fans-it’s not about anyone in particular yet it’s about everyone, because what is shown is so much bigger and deeper that it transcends us all. We are only a cross section representing millions of fans in a microcosmic view. Sylvia Caminer has directed an honest movie, and it was a pleasure to work with her during the filming.

  2. Drew Davis

    Thanks so much for posting a comment on my article. The film looks great and it sounds like you were involved in some way! I hope it does really well and people have a chance to see it.

    The film sounds really good and if I have a chance to go to a screening I most certainly will.

    Thanks so much again for the comment!
    Have a great day.
    - drew

  3. Dustin

    I am impressed that this author “gets it” but don’t forget, Rick has male fans too!

    • Drew Davis

      Hey Dustin,
      I didn’t forget about the male fans. Sorry about that. I was trying to be succinct.
      In fact, Joe – who booked Rick for Content Marketing World, is a fan himself.
      I’m going to have to brush up on my Rick Springfield. :)

    • Drew Davis

      I just checked out your website and realized you’re in the film! I saw you in the trailer. You are talented. Keep it up!
      - Drew

  4. Susan F.

    Very nicely said and like Kate mentioned it is great to see that you get “it” I have seen the film and it is wonderful and truly shows the deep connection between Rick and his fans. I hope you get a chance to see documentary and also get see Rick in concert, he blows people away who have never seen him live. I feel like I should point out though that it is not “Rick Springfield’s” movie. It is Sylvia Caminer, & Melanie Lentz-Janney’s film which Rick is a part of …. http://rickspringfielddoc.com/filmmakers/
    Thanks for writing such and insightful article!

    • Drew Davis

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!
      Really appreciate it. I’ll check you Sylvia and Melanie’s stuff.
      - Drew

  5. Cheryl Bishop


    So glad I ran across this. Most writers have no clue about Rick or what this film is about. They remember Jessie’s Girl and that is it. What they don’t understand or remember, is that Rick had hit’s before Jessie’s Girl and after as well.

    This film is telling our (the fans) story of why we have been fans of Rick’s for so long. We connect with his music, and the stories he has told of his life. We have made many, many good friends from near and far. People from this country and others.

    It has gotten to the point with a lot of fans that taking a road trip to see friends is the whole point of the trip. Seeing Rick is just the icing on the cake!

    • Drew Davis

      Love your perspective. Really appreciate your comment! Thanks so much!
      - drew

  6. Laurie Bennett

    Yes, you totally get it!!! In my view, this movie is about the power of music (or any artistic “product”). It’s about the magic that happens when there is a connection made between the artist/musician and the listener/fan. Often times, the power is simple entertainment. In Rick’s case, it’s more than that for his fans. Rick’s songwriting comes from his heart, and from the truth. It’s why he has such a large and fiercely loyal following, 30+ years and still going strong. This film showcases that music can heal, inspire, motivate, and entertain. This movie is about the connection between people; it’s not a concert movie. And, this movie could be about any musician, or any celebrity, or any fan. It’s about all fans. It has a universal theme. Find a passion in your life and let it lead you. As for me? My passion is Rick’s music. Hope all your readers get to see it soon!

    • Drew Davis

      I love your advice: Find a passion in your life and let it lead you!
      That’s really great. Thanks for sharing it,

  7. Patti

    So grateful that an independent film company (Yellow Rick Road Productions) decided to do this project. And as a fan, I am thankful that Rick is supporting them. I was fortunate to see the film and I cannot stress enough that even someone who isn’t a fan will find this documentary interesting. It focuses on people. You laugh, you cry (just a little, maybe) and laugh again. It has it all. A really well done piece of work.

  8. Allycen

    Really refreshing article….I was fortunate enough to see the movie last September in Malibu….it’s a cross section featured, but most of us are pretty well balanced and love to have a great time and meet lifelong friends!!! The movie is fun and it’s so great to see how everything turned out. I look forward to seeing reactions at the film festivals. Kudos to the entire team who made the movie, and who agreed to be in it. :)

    • Drew Davis

      Wow, a Malibu screening of the film must have been great! Thanks Allycen.

  9. Lisa j

    Bring the film to your conference in September! Just don’t forget to invite me, I live in Columbus!

    • Drew Davis

      That’s a great idea! I’ll suggest it.
      - Drew

  10. Pamela

    Being a Rick Springfield fan for decades, I’ve always thought the experiences he offers his fans is brilliant on every level. Good catch on recognizing it!

  11. Doreen Harkema

    I am so impressed with this! I’ve been on two of the cruises, lots of shows, interviewed Rick several times & still haven’t been able to spin it as good as this. Well done! :)

    • Drew Davis

      It sounds like you’re a real fan! That’s so great. Appreciate the kind words.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.
      - Drew

      • Doreen

        No problem Drew we media folk gotta stick together! ;)

  12. Todd Wheatland

    Great post Drew. I had been wondering myself!

    • Drew Davis

      See you there! We’ll rock out!
      - drew

  13. Josh Cole

    Ina former life I worked stage crew and ran a spot light at a Rick Springfield show in Plymouth, MA. He is in great shape and has never stopped putting out music. The connection with his fans is palpable.

    And while he may have male fans, I think they are “statistically insignificant” ;)

    He also has this amazing move where ladies throw him roses and he smashes them on his guitar making it explode rose petals all over the stage.

    • Drew Davis

      I had no idea you were a roadie on a Springfield show! Thanks for sharing the experience.
      - drew

  14. Shan @ Skewed Design Studios

    This film was not made by Rick, it was made by two loyal fans. Of course he was involved in it, but the idea and pretty much everything about it, was from these two fans.

    And yes, we are a loyal bunch. If you haven’t seen one of his concerts, you should. He has an amazing stage presence and gives his all to the audience.

    • Drew Davis

      I’d love to see a Rick Springfield concert. I’m planning on seeing him at Content Marketing World this year. I look forward to taking it all in!
      Thanks so much for the comment.
      - Drew

  15. Heather

    Rick is truly special. His respect for his fans is a huge reason why he is so beloved to this day and why I have been listening to his music for over 30 years.

  16. Donna


    I enjoyed your post about Affair Of The Heart. I saw the film last year on Rick’s cruise. My hubby and I are going in two weeks to see it at a Toronto film festival. For over 12 years now Ricktrips have made us travel all across the country, to Canada, to the Caribbean, making tons of lifelong friends along the way. This film shows our connection to each other and to Rick. Thanks for the positive comments about it.


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