Does your staff read your Tweets? #HighFive?

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I don’t think many social media practitioners spend much time thinking about whether their staff consumes what they create, promote and distribute online. But they should.

The open kitchen

The Open Kitchen @ The Diner
The Open Kitchen - People were literally this close...

This morning I had breakfast at a diner. I sat at the bar facing the open kitchen.

I had an omelet, a cup of coffee, and some hash-browns. The food was fine. The open kitchen was not.

The people working in the kitchen weren’t happy. They never smiled at me, let alone said hi. They were only two feet away.

The wait staff wasn’t friendly either. I listened-in as they argued about who got the last table.

Meanwhile on Twitter…

This diner happens to be in a hotel. As I waited for my food to arrive the hotel tweeted:

“Today is National High Five Day! If you could #highfive anyone in the world, who would it be?”

I can be certain I wouldn’t #highfive your restaurant staff. Maybe this hotel should start building an internal social strategy before they focus on an external one? Or, maybe not.

Ask yourself…

You need to ask yourself if your external social presence is a reflection of your customer’s real-world experience?

You need to decide if you’re putting a superficial veneer on an otherwise poor experience? Maybe you should ask yourself if you can use your social media stream to change your internal culture?

What if…

What if everyone at the hotel had started the day with a #HighFive? I bet the diner staff would have been happier.

What if you made sure every single one of your employee’s also read your social media stream? How might it shape your business and your customer’s experience?




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