In-House Agencies: Techniques for Effective Content Marketing

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Nine out of 10 marketing professionals use content marketing. According to Content Marketing Institute, most marketers also plan to increase their content marketing investment within the next 12 months. However, only a third of marketers feel their content marketing efforts are effective, and only 5% of those surveyed by CMI have a content marketing strategy. Therein lies the problem.

Is your organization lacking organization when it comes to content marketing? Tippingpoint Labs teaches techniques to help your team become more effective at creating the right strategy and execution plans for content marketing.

Content Marketing Philosophies

Learn our philosophies and approach to strategic content creation.
Craft the Right Content for the Right Audience Delivered at the Right Moment

The McKinsey Consumer Decision Journey has shaped the way many marketers approach messaging and communicating to consumers and businesses.

We adapted the Consumer Decision Journey to account for a deep integration in the digital world and layered in our strategic thinking on effective content creation.

Using a deep understanding of customer behavior, we can define the right content to create, for the right audience, in the right medium, at the right time.

Connect with the Audience in a Meaningful Manner

We believe that brands must find the intersection of relevant, high quality, and frequent content creation in order to find success with content marketing initiatives.

Relevant: Ensure that you have the permission to speak with authority on the messaging points to the target audience.
High Quality: Meet and exceed the expectation of the consumer. Quality varies and it’s important to understand what is expected.
Frequent: Only with consistency and frequency is a relationship forged and a foundation for action built.

Take an Audience-First Approach to Distribution

Your website is not the center of the universe.
Search is.

You have to go where communities already exist, without expecting those communities to come to you.
It’s important to build a distribution strategy that reaches the target and niche audience.

Create content that is meaningful and builds authentic relationships.

Content is only Effective if it’s Focused

You cannot be all things to all people.
Who moves the market?
Who is a purchasing decision maker?
Who is a purchasing influencer?
Knowing your audience is one thing.
Going after niche segments to tailor the message to a smaller group, that’s another.
That takes you to the tipping point.

Content marketing is not going away. The brands and companies that embrace it with a strategic and efficient approach will be proficient and realize great results from the efforts.

It’s a lot of information to digest, we know! But we can help with that.

In-House Agency: Effective Content Marketing

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