Is Impress.js Impressive Enough?

Impress.js lit up the Internet in early January. Early adopters and the geekiest of the geeks were sufficiently “impressed” with the creators ability to match its competition Prezi, feature-for-feature and add more. Impress.js is certainly impressive, but is it impressive enough?

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NFC Technology at Retail Image

Does NFC technology live up to its promise?

Near Field Communication (NFC) is the latest in technology for enabling commerce at retail through your cell phone. However, with the dependance on a human interaction at the register, is it a technology that currently saves time or provides the convenience it promises? Also, how robotic are we getting with our in-store customer service, and is the goal to eliminate human-to-human contact completely?

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Is Google Being Evil?

Is Google’s Privacy Policy Evil?

Google recently announced their new privacy policy stating that when consumers search or enter information on any Google platform — including within their personal Gmail account, YouTube, Google Maps, etc. — it’s captured for their use. This data can now be used outside of any one particular Google property and on a different Google property. This allows Google to personalize the user’s experience. A great benefit, but at what cost?

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Pinterest Engagement Board

Is Tiffany’s micro-site better than Pinterest? is generating a lot of interest and has even been sited as a leading traffic generator to retail sites, surpassing Google+ and growing at leaps and bounds. If it is the new coveted platform for gathering images based around topics of interest, then why did Tiffany’s decide not to use it for their “What Makes True Love” campaign but rather relay on their own platform?

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