Hearsay: Great Content Principles for Brands to Follow

I was sent an article, written by Jesse Stanchak, that paraphrases Scott Monty’s “social storytelling lessons” speech at NMX Las Vegas. … The article shares 4 principles about developing a good branded content strategy and I found its simplicity refreshing and its take-aways very similar to the content philosophies we employ at Tippingpoint Labs.

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Picture Perfect Partnerships

When brands band together, multidimensional stories emerge. Each brand needs to understand what it brings to the main story and to its more focused story. Strong partnerships create efficiencies. A brand gets more bang for the buck and garners a more engaged audience by letting consumers choose to see what they want to see behind the curtain.

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Lori Danelle's profile page from the Uncommon Good's Catalog

Who are the people that power your brand?

How can you introduce your audience to the people that make your products possible? How can you create a personal relationship between your brand, your employees and the customers you serve? You need to ask yourself if there’s a disconnect between what you say you do and what you ACTUALLY do. You need to introduce your audience to the people that power your brand.

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Knowing When to Say No

Every brandscape has a different dynamic between brands, talent and publishers. This is a reflection of the individual values each brings to the table. One very interesting feature of how the web works is that you can actually play around with a brandscape dynamic and see how it might work before investing in it. You can try things on a small scale and when you find the right formula grow them bigger.

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Unilever Brands "Brands for Life" How can they work better together?

Big Companies Can Cross-Pollinate Their Brands

Our concept of brandscaping encourages complementary brands to unite in order to amortize content creation costs and realize greater reach through multiple points of distribution. What about the companies that produce a varied assortment of products, like Unilever or P&G? … Continued

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NeimanMarcus NM@SXSW Image

What can a superhero chef, a makeup brand and a paint company bring to Comic-Con?

Big brands often pave the way in marketing and smaller companies try to ride the wave or emulate on a smaller scale. However, recently there have been examples of marketing initiatives executed on by big brands that are easy for a small brand to replicate and build upon. The Gap campaign is a great example, as is Neiman Marcus’ outreach for a fashion photographer at SXSW. But, let’s try it with Comic-Con.

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Polar USA Blogger Strategy

Bloggers and brands can build valuable relationships

Blogger and brand relationships can be tricky to navigate. Oftentimes brands choose to sample products and donate items to bloggers for feedback, reviews, exposure — only to find that nothing comes of it or that the response was not favorable. Bloggers want to remain editorially sound, which means that brands looking to crate meaningful relationships with bloggers need to have a definitive strategy and dedicated resources who are focused, disciplined, and track against concrete goals. Recently I’ve seen a few examples of how blogger and brand relationships have evolved and become more meaningful initiatives.

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Colorful displays prevailed at 2012 Housewares Show

What’s Hot @Houseswares 2012

As a first-time attendee of the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, I was immediately enthralled by the breadth of offering from inventive manufacturers looking to build diverse product offerings at retail.

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Rebuilding a community while building brand partnerships

On January 26, I wrote about the importance of great partners when building a campaign or brandscape. I was encouraged to see a group of brands aligned to literally rebuild a community in an authentic manner, while also figuring a way to help themselves. ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover, along with Crate & Barrel, The Land of Nod, and the Red Cross worked to rebuild the homes of those impacted by the catastrophic tornado that ravaged the town of Joplin, killing approximately 160 people and destroying nearly 8,000 houses back in May 2011.

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Pinterest Engagement Board

Is Tiffany’s micro-site better than Pinterest? is generating a lot of interest and has even been sited as a leading traffic generator to retail sites, surpassing Google+ and growing at leaps and bounds. If it is the new coveted platform for gathering images based around topics of interest, then why did Tiffany’s decide not to use it for their “What Makes True Love” campaign but rather relay on their own platform?

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Build On Your Real-life Networks

We are just seeing the beginning of a marketing revolution. Forward thinkers like Chef Jody Adams who already see the value of a rising tide lifting all ships have unique opportunities ahead.

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The right partners can make or break a campaign

Google worked with their agency GOOD/CORPS to create a series of videos that promote small business. Not unlike the American Express Plum campaign, the idea is to showcase how Google properties enhance a business and allow it to grow. The challenge, and where the campaign seemingly differs from the American Express campaign and specifically the one with Pink Berry, is do all the partners in the campaign stand united?

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Is the Elle and Van Cleef & Arpels campaign one to remember?

Presented as an attempt to recreate the magic felt when falling in love, The Van Cleef & Arpels Love Stories campaign doesn’t evoke a modern day love affair feel. I am lost within it’s beautiful scapes and models but wonder what would make a young urban female (audience as defined for this campaign effort) to share the video with friends. By rethinking luxury marketing and opening up the campaign to a wider content creation and brand distribution approach, both Van Cleef & Arpels and Elle Magazine may have garnered a larger return.

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AV Club's One Track Mind

“One Track Mind”: Diverge the track for greater return

The traditional one advertiser, one media publisher relationship can hinder a campaign both from a content and distribution standpoint. Brands and publishers must think bigger about the content they create in a way that garners engagement, audience, and ultimately, results. Think about how creating ancillary campaign content created by the sponsoring brands as well as partnering with more than one advertiser, can bring drive interest and untapped eyeballs.

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JCK Rockstars

A gem of an idea: JCK Rock Star

As a former marketing director at a New England based jewelry retail chain and as an avid watcher of Project Runway, I was smitten with JCK’s Rock Star series from the start. I think JCK is pioneering what journalism is becoming – which is certainly part entertainment, part talent scout, part branded content. As JCK starts to think about a second season of this show, I wanted to suggest some ways in which the distribution approach and the brand inclusion could evolve.

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