5 Reasons To Use Facebook Video

Native Facebook Video is a very powerful tool for reaching beyond your nuclear network, and it has real potential for doing much more in the future. Especially with the impending Facebook Timeline overhaul, it’s a good time to start using it and getting the hang of it.

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Cathy Erway took her big idea from blog to book.

How To Help Your Content Grow Up

Your content strategy shouldn’t be flat and one-dimensional, because that’s not how the web works today. It shouldn’t live on just one platform, it should also grow and flower into many interdependent channels and platforms and media. It should also … Continued

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Selling Kids Books to Adults with Adult Books

Understanding your audience comes way before fancy execution or bells and whistles. It’s good for marketers to reconnect with this basic concept from time to time. You’ll often uncover hidden opportunities when you go back to basics.

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Jimmy Fallon's Thank You Notes

Formats and Routines Really Work, Just Ask Jimmy

Jimmy Fallon’s Thank You Notes has been a surprise bestseller. But how it got there is through routinely hammering away at a repeatable format until it was successful, then using that success to create bigger opportunities to succeed. Marketers take note. It can work for you, too.

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The Clownfish - Finding Nemo Star

Participation Creation: Finding Nemo & The Clownfish

When Disney released their feature film called Finding Nemo the environmental ramifications on the Clownfish population were stunning. How could Disney and Aquarium salesman around the world have mutually benefited from what’s referred to as the Dalmatian effect?

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Document The Hell Out Of It

Executive Elevation Report: Commuter Edition. By the time your top products make it to the market, you’ve spent a lot of time developing them. Start building marketing value early, and you’ll carry momentum into your launch. Document the hell out of your process with video, audio, text, and photos.

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