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Picture Perfect Partnerships

When brands band together, multidimensional stories emerge. Each brand needs to understand what it brings to the main story and to its more focused story. Strong partnerships create efficiencies. A brand gets more bang for the buck and garners a more engaged audience by letting consumers choose to see what they want to see behind the curtain.

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Colorful displays prevailed at 2012 Housewares Show

What’s Hot @Houseswares 2012

As a first-time attendee of the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, I was immediately enthralled by the breadth of offering from inventive manufacturers looking to build diverse product offerings at retail.

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Paint a Better Picture by Using Offline Connotations

This morning I happened on To be blunt, TubeRadio is awesome! Basically,TubeRadio uses YouTube to deliver music videos in an iTunes-like interface on your web browser. TubeRadio is an evolution in the delivery of music to your desktop, built by the team at TubeRadio calls itself “YouTube for music.” But is it?

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Will this Microsite Blend?

What do you want to accomplish with your next microsite? Can you accomplish the same goals with lower risk by using an established channel first?

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Project Management, Old Ads, and Stories in the Sand

We had a great week of content that generated some wonderful discussions. Here are a couple of the most insightful comments from last week. We appreciate all those who participate on our content marketing posts and hope you’ll continue the dialogue.

Read this. Cleans Up Its Act, Makes it to Adoption Phase

A free API and recent redesign have demonstrated a clearer focus on quality channel growth. has “leveled up” to the Adoption Phase of its Life Cycle. The Adoption phase is marked by a small upswing in a core group of early adopters coming to understand the value of the medium and providing relevant, frequent, high-quality content to a wider audience. It’s also usually when ‘internet celebrities’ for the platform or channel are discovered.

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Vimeo Preparing for Monetization

Vimeo is the best site out there to find high-quality, creative video content. A couple months ago, we reported Vimeo was in the Escalation Phase of its New Media Life Cycle. The channel continues to evolve, and while it’s too … Continued

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YouTube, Hulu, and a War the TV Networks Could Lose

To assume that Hulu has won as the channel of choice for online video distribution is very premature. Despite predictions of YouTube’s demise due to poor channel content growth and weak revenues, I am here to tell you that this is a long war that YouTube can win.

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Great content works. I’ve also been trying to make the argument in my office that great content is inherently valuable. Meaning, that the content itself can be monetized. WillItBlend has done this. With the success of the early videos, BlendTec launched, a website dedicated to the Will It Blend videos.

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Finding Value in the Distributed Content Model

As a strategist at an online content marketing agency I’m constantly asked to recommend the most effective online distribution channels. Unfortunately, there’s been no easy way to answer this question. However, over the next couple of posts, I hope to … Continued

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