From product-selling demonstration videos to inspiring lifestyle stories, Tippingpoint Labs has honed techniques to authentically tell and share branded stories targeted at the niche audiences that move your market. We create high-quality branded content ranging from article text to imagery to video to eBooks.

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Food on Film
Trends in Coffee Design
Chris Hastings' Pulled Pork Sandwich
Coffee eBook
MFS Family Wealth Advisor site
Tailgating Recipes eBook
Documentary: Matt Jennings & Handmade VT
Food Thinkers Sizzle Reel
Make It Vegan! eBook
Narrative Recipe: From Tree to Table
Steak Tips: Slicing Skirt Steak
Online magazine: Design, Development, Editorial
Keurig Product Launch Video
DuPont Teflon Video: When To Buy New Cookware
Barbara Lynch Foundation fundraiser
Keurig Product Sizzle Video
Breville Trailer
Chef Seamus Mullen Hero Food Profile
Keurig Product Demo at Retail
Keurig Product Demo for QVC
Rare Seared Tuna Recipe
IHAF Content Strategy
Chef Hedy Goldsmith Cookbook Trailer
Breville Blender TV Spot (for Spec)
Breville Stand Mixer TV Spot
Financial Services: Meet the Gen X/Y Investor
John Hancock iDiversity App Video
Jon Shook & Vinny Dotolo: Animal in Miami
Chef Jamie Bissonnette Hosts a Dinner Party
Chef Chris Cosentino: Taste of New York
Seamus Mullen Spring Hero Food
Trade Show Video on Giant Screen
Retail Development Time-Lapse Video
Our chef videos on
Animated openings to Breville videos
Corporate Portrait: Long's Jewelers
TomTom GPS Product Demonstration
Breville Healthy Juice Recipe
Breville Healthy Smoothie Recipe
Chefs Cosentino & Bissonnette Devour Boston
Meal Makeover Moms Dinner Recipe
Tufts University Recruiting Video
Tufts University Recruiting Video 2
Tufts University Recruiting Video 3
Chef Andrew Carmellini talks with Scott Haas
Kambrook Product Destruction Video
Scanpan 7-Course Meal
Australian Meat Pie Recipe
Chef Michael Schlow Pop-Up at Fenway
Innovative Product Design
Chef Chris Schlesinger
Shooting Rishi Tea with Joshua Kaiser
Chef Chris Hastings on the water
Behind-the-Scenes Production Images
Fishing for Real eBook
John Hancock iDiversify App Digital Assets
Back of the House Revealed
Breville eBook Health Full Life
Thought for food 2012 eBook
TomTom Go 740 Product Demo
Espresso Ad Campaign: concept to completion
MFS eBook
Supper Club Podcast
TomTom Feature Demo - Help Me
Matisyahu Podcast
Breville Display at Retail
Print Advertising
PDF books for Food Thinkers
Breville Product Details
Infographics for MFS
Infographics for WS Development
Additional Infographics
Branding Elements: Health Full Life
Illustration stages for Espresso Ad Campaign
Subject: Who Loves Breakfast in Bed?
Subject: Want to win an exclusive dinner at a hot restaurant?
Subject: Be Our Valentine
Subject: Give the gift of personalized coffee
Subject: Chefs Talk, Cook and Judge with Breville
Breville emails
Printed Displays for WS Development
Our video on Wall Street Journal online
Our book trailer on
Our chefs video on
Our interview video on
Our recipes on Sur la Table
Our product video on Sur la Table
Breville Product Demonstration at Retai
eCommerce Path to Purchase